The New “Wonder Woman” Trailer has Arrived

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The New “Wonder Woman” Trailer has Arrived

Here we have the brand new trailer for Wonder Woman, coming out on June 2, 2017. I’ll be honest, I was getting a little tired of DC Comics and Marvel pumping out superhero movies faster than Kate Gosling pumped out her 8 kids- but I’m genuinely excited for this flick and there’s one IMPORTANT reason.

That reason is Gal Gadot.  Jesus Christ.  Or should I say “חעסוס כהריסת”- Gal hails from Israel.  Look, I’m sure this movie has an interesting storyline and a bunch of cool effects, but you better believe the producers know what’s gonna put people in the seats: Ms. Gadot prancing around the screen in skimpy outfits 2+ hours. Genius.

Gal Gadot 4

Gal Gadot 3

Gal Gadot 2

Gal Gadot 1