Vizio E601I-A3 vs M601D-A3 60″ What’s the Difference?

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Vizio E601I-A3 vs M601D-A3 60″ What’s the Difference?

When it comes to budget LED HDTV’s, the Vizio E601I-A3 and M601D-A3 can seriously compete. You may ask “What’s the Difference between the E-series and M-series?” and we here at Classy Bro will break it down to you by the numbers.

While most budget TV’s are known to have inferior quality, Vizio gives us a surprise for 2013. The E601I-A3 is the economy version in this year’s lineup and the M601D-A3 is the mid range.
When it comes to functionality and picture quality, both TV’s are great, but the Vizio E601I-A3 falls short of the crispness brought to us by the M-Series Vizio lineup.

Vizio M Series Edge Lit with Smart Dimming
The E601I-A3 gives us a contrast ratio of 1M to 1 and a refresh rate of 120HZ, which for budget TV’s is quite good, but compared to the 10M to 1 and 240HZ refresh rate of the M601D-A3, the E-Series falls a bit short. The difference is pretty clear, especially when looking at the two TV’s side by side. The Razor LED with Smart Dimming offered by the M-Series really makes the blacks pop when directly compared to its economy brother, but if price is a concern, you will be more than happy with the E-Series picture quality.

As far as looks, the M-Series offers an aluminum frame, which looks cool at Best Buy, but might look terrible in your living room, whereas the E-Series is matte black and is not glossy.

Vizio E And M Series Side View
Both TV’s offer a slim frame design and Smart functionality, but when it comes to ease of use, the E601I-A3 wins the duel. The E-Series has a QWERTY keyboard, which in this day and age is a godsend. The M-Series remote is not very good when compared to the E-Series. The E-Series does not come with a back light, but it has the full keyboard on the back which is a million times more useful.

Vizio E Series Remote
With the big difference between the two being 3D functionality, if you’re looking for a 3D TV then the M-Series is a great choice, especially since it uses movie theater glasses (you will never run out). If you are like me and could care less about the 3D gimmick, then the E-Series is the way to go, especially since the $500 price difference.

Overall, if budget is your concern, a refurbished E601I-A3 can be found at Walmart for a measly $700, whereas the M601D-A3 is so new that there are no refurbished models just yet, so it will run you well into the $1K+ range. So if I had to choose, I would go with the E-Series as it offers great picture quality for an unbeatable price, especially if you give it a good tune!

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