Top 5 Websites Like

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Top 5 Websites Like

When it comes to searching for a car, there are plenty of websites like that you can use to find a new or used car or truck.

The following list of 5 websites designed to help you search for your next vehicle sometimes have overlapping inventory and often have unique inventory. Searching them all is a good idea, but one car site, Carsquare, aggregates the top automotive search sites into one site.

autotrader website

Autotrader offers a wide variety of models and is one of the oldest car buying websites on the web today. Autotrader started off in the late 1990s and the goal was to provide consumers with listings and information on second hand cars. In 2010 the website received the J.D. Power and Associates award for most useful automotive site.

#2 eBay Motors
ebay motors website

eBay Motors is not your traditional car searching website. It offers users the opportunity to bid on a car as opposed to just buying it outright. This gives consumers the opportunity to snag a great deal if they are willing to take a risk of not being able to go see the car in person.

Most of the listings are all across the country though, so buying on eBay Motors can be a bit intimidating if you are used to buying from local car dealers.

#3 Carsquare
carsqaure website

Boasting an offering of over 8 million vehicles, Carsquare is an aggregation service that takes listings from the sites like and shows you results all in one place. This is one of the most useful features to save you time as it alleviates the need to visit many different websites to get the same results.

It also has direct access to recall information, CARFAX reports and a variety of car reviews as well as car videos.

#4 Craigslist
craigslist website

Craigslist has to be one of the riskiest places to buy a car, but also one of the best places to get a great deal. A lot of cars on Craigslist have salvage titles, so picking out the bad ones can be a bit of a task.

With Craigslist, you can only search your local area, which does have the added benefit of being able to go and see a car before making a purchase decision.

#5 Car Gurus
car gurus website

Car Gurus is another great resource when buying a new or used car. The website prides itself on transparency of the car buying experience.

Their search algorithm sources cars in your area and gives you information of whether or not the car you are buying is a good deal or a bad deal. The data is based off of market values for the car you are searching for in your area.