This Tom Brady Foot Locker Commercial Is Epic

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This Tom Brady Foot Locker Commercial Is Epic

Everyone knows this commercial is poking fun at Deflategate, but that’s not what I want to talk about in this blog. However, just to make sure everybody knows where I stand on the issue, I’m a native Bostonian and Tom has been my favorite athlete since I was 5.

If I saw Goodell walking down the street I would punch him square the chest. Maybe I’d knock the wind- or should I say air- out of him.

What I really want to talk about here is Tom’s commanding screen presence. I mean, WOW. Is he a method actor? Is he classically trained? Maybe he uses the Meisner technique?

I need to know because that could have been the most gripping 39 seconds of my entire life. The hand motions, the beautiful annunciation– the handsomeness. It all  builds to an earth shattering climax. When Tom stood up and said that he lost his appetite, you better believe that I lost mine too.

Also, you gotta tip your cap to Foot Locker here. Talk about striking gold. Not only do they get TB12 in one of their commercials, but that commercial makes national news. CHA-ching. Shoes are gonna be FLYING off the shelves.