The Best Mophie Alternative: Prong PWR Case

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The Best Mophie Alternative: Prong PWR Case

What is the best alternative to a Mophie case? Well, the Prong PWR case.

This iPhone case can plug directly into the wall and charge up. No need to have a USB cable. How cool is that? Talk about taking out the middle man.

Here’s an official description from our friends at Prong:
“The Prong PWR Case is the world’s first all-in-one charging solution for the iPhone. It’s a protective case that has a detachable backup battery with built-in plugs that fold flat when not in use. Your phone can remain with you, in the inner protective case, while the backup battery is recharged.”

prongs gap

Prong comparison

Want one? Well, then head over to Indiegogo and help fund this innovative idea!