Seattle Seahawks Punter Gets Obliterated

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Seattle Seahawks Punter Gets Obliterated

Let me paint a picture for you. The sun beats down on the African savannah as a newborn baby gazelle grazes. All of the sudden his head perks up- BOOM- he sees a pack of hungry lions running his way. The gazelle takes off like a bat out of hell. At first, his speed is impressive.

He thinks he might just have a chance of survival. He imagines how impressed all the female gazelles will be when he tells his story of bravery and mental resolve. But then a little something called natural selection comes into the picture. The gazelle stumbles, gets caught by the hungry pack of lions, and is torn to shreds.

As Seattle punter, Jon Ryan, showed us last night, the NFL gridiron is strikingly similar to the African savanna. Jon caught the snap on the fake punt play and ran across the field like a little gazelle running for its life. He had dreams of finding the end zone. He had dreams of glory.

He had dreams of a story he could tell chicks at the club after the game. Unfortunately, that dream that was shattered when the lionesque Troy Hill (Rams, #32) completed the cycle of life and put Jon to sleep at the 40 yard line. The important lesson to take away from this almost harrowing tale: never be like Jon Ryan and think your above the almighty process of natural selection.

Watch the Fake Punt Here