San Diego Charger Will Move to LA Next Season

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San Diego Charger Will Move to LA Next Season

After 55 years in beautiful San Diego, the San Diego Chargers will move to Los Angeles next season.

First of all, psychopath/Charger’s QB Philip Rivers moving his 8 kids to LA is just what this overcrowded city needs.

For the franchise, this is a tough break no matter which way you cut it. Not only will the players have to deal with the wonderful atmospheric element we have come to know and love as smog, but they’re also going to be playing for what might possibly be the worst fans on the face of the planet. It doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to know that a good chunk of LA’s population spent their childhood in drama class/theatre/looking at themselves in the mirror instead of on a sports field.

Ultimately, the Rams were the case study for an NFL team in LA this year. Take a look at the following they gained. Oh wait you can’t look at it cause its not there.

To put another nail in the coffin, the Chargers will be playing their home games at the Los Angeles Galaxy’s 30,000 person stadium next season. That is TINY for a team that belongs to the most profitable professional sports league in North America.

It’s important to remember that this is only a temporary home until the Chargers move into the $2.66 billion stadium the Rams are building in Inglewood (they’ll share it). However, it is still by far the smallest temporary NFL stadium in history.

After reading all that try to imagine how Chargers owner, Alex Spanos, feels. He’s spent over half of his life in San Diego. He wanted to stay but the city wouldn’t let him build the new stadium his team desperately needed.

Now, he’ll be losing a pantload of cash on ticket sales annnnnd, he’ll have to pay the NFL a small smidgen of money for relocating the team ($550 million). Tough start to 2017, Alex, tough start.

The new logo is trash. As the internet noted last night, it looks like the Tampa Bay Lightning and Los Angeles Dodgers logos met at a bar, took a few too many tequila shots, and then didn’t use protection. Nine months later this shows up:

chargers new logo