Samsung Releases Date For Gear S3 Smartwatch

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Samsung Releases Date For Gear S3 Smartwatch

If there is one saying that the creative team at Samsung fully embodies it is: “If you can’t beat em, join em.”

Actually, in Samsung’s case it’s: “If you can’t beat em, just copy em”- cause that’s exactly what they’ve been doing with Apple for the last 5-6+ years.

Today, it was announced that their new Gear S3 Smartwatch will roll out on November 18th.

Samsung Gear S3

With it’s classy, sophisticated look, the S3 may have actually outdone the Apple Watch Series 2 in terms of appearance.

New features include GPS, LTE, and a battery that will last 3-4 days between charges.

With all that jazz, you might just be able to convince yourself to fork over the $350 it will cost.

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