Run, I Dare You… Dubai Adds Lamborghini Aventador to Police Force

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Lamborghini Police Car Dubai Front

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Just like a scene out of Need for Speed Most Wanted and coming as not much of a surprise, the UAE adds a Lamborghini Aventador to its police force. The half a million dollar sports car was added to the fleet recently and news of the event spread all over Twitter.

The 700 HP Aventador  is the answer to Dubai’s problem of too much money and lots of speeders. Dubai is overrun by exotic car owners that like to speed, and now they can finally pay the price with police right on their tails.

Fuel economy is not a concern in Dubai, unlike the US where cops are forced to drive Priuses in order to appease the green crowd. Additional exotic cars are set to join the Dubai police force in the future. I’m sure applications to become a cop in Dubai are through the roof.

The Aventador will be used for highway patrol, since 15% of all traffic tickets in Dubai are for people driving in excess of 130 m.p.h. This should hopefully catch some more speeders.

Lamborghini Police Car Dubai Front

Lamborghini Police Car Dubai Front Doors up

Lamborghini Police Car Dubai Featured

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