MLB 2016 Cy Young Award Winners Announced

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MLB 2016 Cy Young Award Winners Announced

Your 2016 AL Cy Young Winner is none other than Rick Porcello of Boston Red Sox. In his 7th MLB season, Porcello garnered a 3.15 ERA and led the league in wins with a record of 22-4. To put that in perspective, the man won nearly 24% of the Red Sox regular season games. Looks like that $11.1 million contract he signed in 2007- straight out of New Jersey’s Seton Hall Prep- was well worth it.

Rick Porcello

This year’s AL Cy Young announcement was surrounded with a little controversy due to the fact that Detroit’s Justin Verlander actually received more first place votes (14) than Porcello (8). Ultimately, Porcello was able to edge out Verlander in the overall vote (137-132) thanks to the 18 second place votes he received. Porcello becomes the first Red Sox pitcher to win the Cy young since legendary ace, Pedro Martinez, took home the hardware after the 2000 season.

In NL, Washington’s Max Scherzer copped his second Cy Young Award (first was in ’13) with a blistering 2.96 ERA and a 20-7 record. Scherzer’s 284 strikeouts (1.25 strikeouts per inning) were an MLB best. His impressive durability was reflected in the 228 innings he pitched. This was second in the league only to Boston’s David Price (230 innings).

Max Scherzer

At 32, Scherzer is entering the back 9 of his career, but he shows no signs of slowing down. With his second Cy Young in 4 years, there is no question that the St. Louis native is piecing together an impressive resume for Cooperstown.