LA Rams Hire a 30 Year Old Head Coach

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LA Rams Hire a 30 Year Old Head Coach

It is moves like this that the LA Rams will continue to be the laughing stock of the NFL for years to come.

This season started with hope. A number one draft pick in Jared Goff, a new city in Los Angeles, and a feature on HBO’s Hard Knocks. After 4 wins and 12 losses, plus the firing of Jeff Fisher, hope is a word that is as non existent as this team’s fan base.

I would love to hear what upper management saw in 30 year old former Washington Redskins offensive coordinator, Sean McVay. He is now the youngest head coach in NFL history. This year, the Skins missed the playoffs (Redskins doing Redskins things) and were ranked 12th in the league in offensive production. Are those numbers worthy of landing a head coaching gig? At 30 years of age, no less?

I am not an NFL executive, but in about a second, I can think of two FAR better, more qualified men for this job (Patriots OC Josh McDaniels and Patriots DC Matt Patricia).

I could be completely wrong. McVay could turn into the next Bill Belichick. Now, while the chances of that happening are about the same as Browns winning a Super Bowl in the next 100+ years, there is still a chance.

Good luck in LA Sean, you’re gonna need it.