Jason Pearson’s Oil, Guns, and Women Paintings

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Jason Pearson’s Oil, Guns, and Women Paintings

Los Angeles based artist, Jason Pearson has recently completed a new series of oil paintings titled “Gun Talk”. These large 3 foot oil paintings are modern art mash-ups of our gun culture morphed with images of beautiful women. Pearson had his own run in with gun violence in college where he was mugged by a 15 year old kid. “I often wonder what would have happened if I was carrying, would he be dead? would I be dead? would we both be dead?” says Pearson. These almost photographic images are imposing and mesmerizing. They stick with you, especially after you’ve seen them in person. None of the paintings are reproduced as prints, so they only exist as rare one-of-a-kind paintings and sell for around $5000 – $8000.

Pearson’s work is highly sought after by art collectors. Pearson has created art for David Bowie, Sylvester Stallone, Trent Reznor and other notables. His work is in the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert and Cooper Hewitt Museums. Many of the paintings deal with controversial subjects that usually are not discussed in polite conversation. Currently you can see his work at the Art Cube Gallery in Laguna Beach or by visiting the artists website: JasonPearson.com Check out some of these awesome paintings below.

More Secondhand Violence 36x36 on Oil Canvas

Snubbed 36x36 on Oil Canvas

In Guns We Trust 36x36 on Oil Canvas

Gun Talk 36x36 on Oil Canvas

Gun Talk2 36x36 on Oil Canvas

Capa City 36x36 on Oil Canvas

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