Donald Trump’s Presidential Limo is Almost Ready

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Donald Trump’s Presidential Limo is Almost Ready

President Elect Trump is going to look fresh AF rolling around DC in this Cadillac tank. Hide ya kids hide ya wife. Actually, you’re probably better off giving your wife a chastity belt so DT doesn’t go for his signature lunging grab move. Getting on to the specs, the car weighs almost 20,000 pounds (YUGE), can take RPG and IED strikes, and has its own air supply in case of a chemical weapons attack.

Cadillac and Donald Trump are a match made in heaven. Think about it : 90% of the people who drive Cadillacs (excluding all the milfs who have an Escalade) are born before 1955 and still probably believe the the world is flat. DT fits in perfectly with this crowd.

Trump Car

Furthermore, it’s been awhile since a president was actually pumped to get a Caddy as their car.

There’s no question that Bill Clinton wanted a cherry red, corvette convertible so he could cat call women from 360 degrees.

As a native Texan, George Bush probably dreamed of a nice Ford 150.

Barry-O just wanted anything with tinted windows and bunch of pine tree air fresheners so he could relive the high school days and hotbox the shit out it.

Finally, our fearless leader, commander and chief, and owner of numerous nuclear codes, gets what he wants: A $1.5 million dollar Cadillac Limousine. If you can’t be happy for him then you don’t know what happiness is.