Deer absolutely WRECKS cross country runner

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Deer absolutely WRECKS cross country runner

Holy crap, I didn’t know Lawrence Taylor was back in action!! You can’t tell me that collision didn’t remind you of a coked out LT flying around the edge to end a quarterback’s career. Somewhere Joe Theismann watches this and cries into a beer. Tremendous tackle, fantastic result, unparalleled entertainment. Somebody get that deer in Browns jersey.

From the runner’s point a view, this might be the most embarrassing moment of his life I know the average competitive cross country runner weighs about 120 lbs and has -10% body fat, but c’mon bro, you just got trampled by a fawn. Have some pride. That post hit hang-time was more impressive than half the kites I flew as a kid.

In the end, the last thing that cross country needs is another example of their athletes being soft. Don’t put all the blame on the kid though. Think about his parents. With those cuts and bruises, his Dad is probably gonna make him sit out until badminton season starts.

Via: Gwynedd Mercy University