Classy Home Ideas: The Living Cube by Till Koenneker

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Classy Home Ideas: The Living Cube by Till Koenneker

Living in a small apartment has it’s challenges. You’re limited as to the number of pieces of furniture you can have, it’s hard to have guests stay over without relegating them to the beer-stained couch and there is never enough storage.

You find yourself having to search for the best multi-functional pieces of furniture that take up the least amount of space but serve to do the job of numerous furnishings. For example, a bed that operates as a closet, provides some storage and some kind of shelving situation.

Well look no further because the genius that is Till Koenekker, has designed what he likes to call, a Living Cube. And what a brilliant idea it is.

The Living Cube is a minimalistic cube that was specifically designed as a storage solution when Koenekker moved into an apartment studio that had no storage space. But the Living Cube isn’t just for storage, this baby is for living!

Featuring a guest bed on the top (accessible by built in ladder), a door into a large walk-in closet-like storage area, and a whole load of shelves, hooks and nooks on the side to house things like your television, clothes, shoes and books, or whatever your little heart desires to fill it with. Talk about ingenuity.

I mean, a trailer could serve a similar purpose; they’re just kind of hard to fit in your living room. But a Living Cube isn’t!

The Living Cube 2

The Living Cube 3

The Living Cube 4

The Living Cube 5

The Living Cube 6

The Living Cube 7

The Living Cube 8

The Living Cube 9

The Living Cube 10
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Idea and Concept: Till Könneker
Build: Remo Zimmerli
Photos: Rob Lewis