Check Out The All New Fisker EMotion Sedan

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Check Out The All New Fisker EMotion Sedan

Well, Fisker is at it again, and this time around with a 4-door sedan called the Fisker EMotion.

In an attempt to take back some of the EV market share that Tesla has acquired over the last few years, Fisker Inc. announced it will be making a prototype in 2017.

Fisker Emotion Sedan Front
After the company went bankrupt in 2013, there was not much news in terms of next steps. Well, now that has changed.

The Fisker EMotion boasts a range of 400 miles, a top speed of 161 mph and some of the sleekest styling of a car we’ve seen this year.

Fisker Emotion Sedan Doors
We’ll keep you updated on all the Fisker EMotion news as it comes out, but for now enjoy the good news!