Antonio Brown is why the Steelers Will Lose to the Patriots

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Antonio Brown is why the Steelers Will Lose to the Patriots

Unless you’ve been living with no TV or internet for the last 4 days, chances are you’ve heard about Antonio Brown live streaming Head coach Mike Tomlin’s post game speech following Pittsburghs 18-16 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Make no mistake about it: Mr. Brown’s actions are a microcosm of why the Steelers will lose to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship this Sunday.

The locker room is a sacred place in sports. In professional and college athletics, that sacred environment is regularly violated by members of the media, BUT, that is only after the team is given an allotted amount of time to be alone following the game.

For Antonio Brown to go live on Facebook and violate what is already a shortened span of alone time is INCREDIBLY disrespectful to his coach, his teammates, and ultimately, the amount of work the Steelers organization has put into reaching Championship weekend.

If Antonio Brown was a Super Bowl Champion, I would go a little easier on him. After all, if he did have a Super Bowl victory under his belt, he would understand the kind of discipline it takes to reach the pinnacle of the National Football League. However, he doesn’t have a ring. The only Super Bowl experience the man has is one catch for one yard in the Steelers’ 2011 Super Bowl loss to the Green Bay Packers.

Don’t get me wrong, Antonio Brown is a phenomenal wide receiver. He is one of the most exciting players in the NFL hands down. He is also a great example of an athlete who enjoys being a celebrity more than he enjoys playing professional football. He loves attention, he lives for the spotlight. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be live streaming a post game speech, smiling directly into the camera.

Not to beat a dead horse, but would something like this ever happen with Ben Roethisberger, Le’veon Bell, Mike Pouncey or the rest of the offensive line? What about James Harrison, Lawrence Timmons, Mike Mitchell or the rest of the defense? I think we can all agree that those players are focused far more on winning football games than they are on their social media accounts.

In the end, Antonio Brown’s actions represent a worrisome lack of focus during the NFL playoffs. Brown is a respected individual in that Steelers locker room setting a poor example for his younger teammates. Try those shenanigans in Bill Belichick’s locker room and you will be cut.

New England 24-13.