5 Best Online Dating Tips For Guys

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5 Best Online Dating Tips For Guys

Here are 5 online dating tips for guys that will get you the girls of your dreams.

With apps like Tinder, Match, PlentyOfFish and OkCupid, online dating has become a mess for anyone trying to get into an actual relationship.

While some men are fighting to find the rare catch before she gets snatched up by some narcissistic d-bag, others will never even get a chance because the girl of their dreams was too emotionally hurt by him to give online dating a second chance.

This is the world we are in now, where internet d-bags ruin our chances with the possible “one”. Fortunately, we can outsmart them by bringing classy back to dating.

It took me 3 years, 120 dates, and 4 dating websites to find “the one”, and through those expensive and heart crushing times, I discovered what worked and what didn’t.

1. Don’t be or sound desperate.

dont ever leave me cause id find you
There’s nothing a woman hates more than a guy who is desperate. Women see that as “no one is interested in that guy, so why would I be?”

What’s desperate you say? Texting her more than she texts you, being pushy, trying to move too fast, making yourself available for her 24/7 (or at least don’t let her know you are doing that).

Instead, go a couple days with out writing her. Cut a date short but make sure she knows you want to see her again. Be flexible when scheduling a date, but don’t say yes to any day. Make her aware you have a life.

2. Get her a small gift.

guy giving girl flowers on a first date
Women love gifts. Don’t ever let them tell you they don’t. Bring her something on the first date, flowers, a little box of chocolates, a mini teddy bear.

Keep it simple and something that she can either put on a table or slip in her purse. But don’t go overboard. Do it on the first or second date, but then very sparingly after that.

It will make her want that again. Assuming you are suave enough to land the second, third, or fourth date.

3. Be creative and surprise her.

chocolate covered strawberries on a dish
Simple example. Before your date, go get something you know she likes that you can share later on. Maybe a box of chocolate covered strawberries. Keep them in the bag and carry it around with you on the date.

She is going to ask about it, and just say it’s a surprise for us later. It is also a good ice-breaker because she will be thinking and asking about it all night and you can always revert to it.

Maybe play a game around it in the event you need conversation points.

4. Be a gentleman.

man opening door for woman true gentleman
Open the door for her, wait for her to sit before you sit. Stand on the car side of the sidewalk. Pay for the date. I don’t care what she says or what you say, this is a must… bottom line.

5. Do something outside of the norm.

guy cooking for girl on a first date
Dinner and a movie is cliche. Break out of the box. Suggest something where you can walk around and chat without it being awkward.

If you do the date at her place or yours, COOK FOR HER. Or at least try!

You want to be memorable. You’re only going be memorable by doing what other men don’t do and being confident and comfortable.

You’re the boss, remember that. You make the rules, you make the moves, you make the paper. Own it.

Follow those 5 online dating tips and I promise you will have success with the girl you want.

Do you have some tips that worked for you?

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