5 Classy Shoes That Every Man Must Own

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5 Classy Shoes That Every Man Must Own

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When it comes to style, shoes play an important role. They can either pull a look together or they can cause it to fall apart. In the age of classy men, there are many different shoes and styles that can be considered “sophisticated”, but there are five classy handmade shoes that every man must own. These shoes are great for many different occasions and they can help pull off numerous different looks. In the list below, the five shoes will be named, along with a short description of them.

The Cap-Toe Oxfords – This shoe is immediately thought of when one tries to picture class. The design is simple and the texture of the shoe can come in many different styles. This shoe looks fantastic and it can go well with numerous different clothing options. While it is typically seen as a shoe for special occasions, it can also be used in casual situations. A man should have this in his shoe library at all times.

The Brogue Shoes – This is another example of a shoe that can work well in many different situations. This classic design typically features many different sturdy leathers uppers. These leather pieces overlap each other and adorn the top of the shoe. The Tan Brogue looks especially classy and it has become quite popular. Though the shoe once became the classic shoe for all business men, it has yet again become a shoe for all occasions. With its sturdy design and great qualities, it can be used perfectly just about anywhere. It is perfect for men that need a shoe that they can wear to work and then wear out to dinner with their family.

Double Monk Straps – This shoe is certainly known as the “dressiest” shoe for men. It has a sleek style and because it is adorned with two distinct straps, it gives it a look of sophistication. These shoes were once used as the perfect accessory to a professional outfit, but they are now being used as common sneakers. In order to wear these properly, men must simply treat them like any other shoe. With its extra sleek design and unique straps, it can certainly go with any outfit you have planned.

Penny Loafer – When thinking of classic attire, the Penny Loafer always comes to mind. They come in a variety of styles, are almost always leather, and they simply slip on your feet. They are comfortable and allow your feet to breathe throughout the day. Not only do the look fantastic and classy, but they work wonderfully as well. They can go with a multitude of outfits, but they are best used as an accessory to a high class style.

Dress Boots – Now we come to the last and final shoe. The dress boot is not one specific shoe, but an entire style that has many different styles within it. These boots are almost always leather and they can come in a sleek look or be adorned with exquisite patterns. These boots are great for many different occasions and they can add class to any one of your wardrobe choices.

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