The 5 Best Dating Apps on iOS

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The 5 Best Dating Apps on iOS

When it comes to the best dating apps on iOS, we have you covered. Here’s a list of our favorites and why they might work for you!


Dating Apps Bumble

Coming in at number 5 we have Bumble. On this app, once you get a match, the lady has to message you first. If she’s doesn’t message you within 24 hours of the connection, the match expires.

After reading that, it shouldn’t be too hard to see why bumble is low on our list. It takes away the greatest strength of many guys: the pick up line.

I’ll venture to say that the majority of the male population, myself included, doesn’t necessarily have the physique to show off on a dating app. That’s why we need pick up lines to showcase what really matters: our charming and charismatic personalities.

Ultimately, there is a reason why Bumble made the list and it’s because it seems to have some of the consistently best looking women on dating apps. Even though you might only snag a couple of connections a day, which will most likely expire right in front of your breaking heart, there’s always that small chance you find a girl who actually wants to meet up.

Keep stoking that flame of hope, gentlemen. You never know when your time will come.


Dating apps Zoosk

Zoosk claims to have been selected as the top dating app of 2016 but I have it at number 4 for a very important reason. It’s expensive.

A 1 month subscription to this app costs $29.99. 6 months is $74.99 and finally, 12 months is a staggering $99.99.

Do you know what you could do for $30 bucks to help your chances of finding the one. Maybe head down to the Hair Cuttery to get a fresh cut, or learn how to grow your flow the right way.

For $75, you could buy a gym membership to finally rid yourself of the 30 plus lbs. you put on in college.

Sure, this app does produce results (it has over 35,000,000 users), but all I’m saying is be wise with your cash.

After all, if you do find love on Zoosk, you don’t want that emotional connection to be stained by the monetary requirements of the app.


Dating Apps OkCupid

OkCupid ranks 3rd on the list, representing our entrance into the upper echelon of dating apps.

OkCupid really separates itself from the pack due to its unique ability to connect people based on their appearance and their hobbies. So, if you’re into gingers that love sports or blondes that like to do math, all you have to do is type it in on the search bar.

OkCupid does its best to provide whatever floats your boat. Pretty neat.


Dating apps Happn

Taking the silver medal in this competition is Happn. This app earned the second spot because it can facilitate quick meet-ups following a match. In other words, Happn strikes while the iron is hot.

It presents you with people in your location that you have crossed paths with recently. The app even specifically tells the you last time you might have seen each other in passing.

Sure, this might be a little creepy, but just swallow your pride and make it Happn.


Dating Apps Tinder

Our undisputed champion of this list is Tinder- the dating app that is responsible for countless one-night stands and epic tales of fleeting love.

Since its inception in 2011, the app has generated over 9 billion matches between users. If you’re under 25, you have at least one tinder story that is guaranteed to get a laugh whenever you tell it.

To get started, you write a little bio and post anywhere from 1-6 of your most flattering pictures. The images of your potential matches will pop up on the screen and if you like them you swipe right. If you aren’t attracted to them for any reason, you swipe left.

The strong allure of Tinder- and what really makes it the GOAT of dating apps in my opinion- is it’s unique ability to instantly raise your self-esteem.

After a tough day at school or work, NOTHING gives your confidence a boost like a solid 10-15 minutes of exclusively swiping right. With 30-50 right swipes, you are guaranteed to get at least 5-10 matches.

After all, Tinder, like anything else in life, is a numbers game. The wider the net you cast the more fish you’re gonna catch. Who cares if you haul in a couple whales.