16 Side Effects Of Having Russian Friends

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16 Side Effects Of Having Russian Friends

When it comes to Russian people, there are some very interesting quirks that you pick up on…

We’ve looked at what it was like growing up Russian, but now it is time to turn the tables and see what it’s like for our American friends.

Here are 16 side effects of being an American with Russian friends.

1. You’ve gotten really good at smiling and nodding while everyone speaks Russian really fast and you understand nothing.
the rock nodding gap

2. You now know how to write your name in the Cyrillic Alphabet.
russian alphabet cheat sheet

“Chinchilla” in Russian cursive… o_O
You now know how to write your name in the Cyrillic Alphabet.

3. Russian customs have become a part of your life.
Russian Birthday Flowers
If it’s someone’s birthday, you bring flowers for their mom.
Because ultimately their mom gave life to them on that day. She deserves it.

4. Some superstitions have made their way into your life too…
Russian Girl Whistling
Like not whistling inside your house… (Russian superstition states that if you whistle inside your house, you will not have any money)

5. You’ve tried a few dishes that you never thought you would.
Seledka Pod Shuboi
“Selyodka Pod Shuboy”
This literally translates to “fish in a fur coat”. Sound appetizing?
It’s pickled herring layered with egg, carrots, potatoes, onion, and beets and slathered with mayo.
Seledka Pod Shuboi explanation
Try it. I dare you.

6. But you definitely have your favorite Russian food…
Pelemeni (Russian Ravioli)

7. You’ve developed a tolerance for vodka
Russian Vodka with Glasses
Russians include shot glasses with all special meals. Like a shot glass beside babushka’s water glass. You will be expected to partake. If you do not, you are insulting.

Just ask my cousin what he thinks if you don’t drink with him…

8. You know who this is.

9. You’ve eaten the chocolate with the baby on it.
Russian Chocolate
The Russian factory in Moscow actually has a HUGE baby on the side of it.

10. You know the intense joy that happens when someone’s grandma says she’s made Blini.
Russian Blini

11. You can say “goodbye” in Russian but “hello” is impossible.
Panda Tongue Tied gap
“Zdravstvuyte.” Most tongues can’t handle the “zdr” sound…

12. You’ve said “Privet” to your friends’ grandparents and then immediately regretted your decision.
Awkward Smile Gif gap
Informal but A LOT easier to say. The proper formal way to talk to elders is to say “Zdravstvuite”

13. You’re aware that Santa (Ded Moroz) has a granddaughter…
And she’s pretty cute…

14. You may have developed a taste for caviar.
Russian Caviar Plate
Baguette + layer of butter + caviar. Heaven.

15. You’ve embraced being introduced as “The American” at parties.
hi gif gap

16. But the biggest and best part of it all has been the exposure to an awesome group of friends.
Russian friends