10 Classy Pick Up Lines That Actually Work

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10 Classy Pick Up Lines That Actually Work

By: Classy Girl

When it comes to picking up women, these 10 classy pickup lines are sure to get your foot in the door. At the end of the day though, if the delivery is not there, it won’t work… so you might need to practice a bit before being able to nail these down.

Now we all know that approaching a stranger can be a terrifying thing, especially if it’s an attractive woman. But seriously, it’s time you grew up. Face your fears and man up. No one else is going to do it for you. Only you can make it happen. What’s the worst that can happen? Rejection? Plenty more fish in the sea. The best that can happen? The woman in question finds your confidence and charm irresistible and you score the hottest babe around. You really have nothing to loose, other than your manhood if you keep acting like a pussy.

So, some things to keep in mind are, keep it real. Don’t try to act like someone you’re not. Be yourself, confidently. Women are smart (most of them), don’t try to BS them by spinning some tale about yourself, your job, your car, whatever. There’s nothing more unattractive to a woman than a guy pretending to be someone or something that he’s not. That’s called lying, and you’ll get found out. Be honest. You don’t want her falling in love with some version of yourself that’s only half true and you have to spend every moment with her keeping up the facade that you’ve created for yourself. You want someone to want you for you, and if she doesn’t, it’s no big deal, you’ll find someone who does.

Believe it or not, most quality women will give a less-than-attractive guy a chance if he’s simply charming, funny and gentlemanly, over an attractive guy who acts like a tool with obvious insecurity issues (who is probably just trying to overcompensate for something, if you know what I mean).

Which brings me to another point. Make her laugh. Every girl wants a guy who can make her laugh. Even the cheesiest of pick up lines can work if you can deliver them in a way that will get a giggle. Make fun of yourself. But don’t go overboard, show her that you can be serious too. I don’t mean, “what should we do about Syria?” serious, but genuine interest in her and her world serious. Smile as she talks, look her in the eye, and for heaven’s sake, remember her name. And her friends’ if she introduces them to you. Find whatever it is about her that helps you to remember her name as soon as she gives it to you. Try to relax, if she’s extremely gorgeous and you’re nervous, your mind can get a little crazy. Find some kind of mental trigger to help you to remember her name, whether it’s ‘red hair Rebecca’, ‘sexy legs Samantha’ or even ‘Taryn, the cute Aussie who was TARYN-up the dance floor.’

And finally, be a gentleman. This should go without saying, but everyone needs a little reminder sometimes. Open doors for her, speak politely, buy her a drink. While you’re around, never let her buy one, tell her you’re a gentleman and you can’t allow her to get her own drink. Chicks love that. Do it without expecting anything in return. Don’t think that because you bought her a drink she owes you her number or even five minutes of your time, you do it because you’re a gentleman, and if she’s a decent girl, she’ll appreciate that. If, after 30 seconds, or 30 minutes, you realize it’s not working, kindly say that it was lovely meeting her and that you’ve got to get back to your friends. You wasted 10-15 bucks on a drink, so what? It could have been the best $10 you ever spent if she turns out to be a keeper, or even a good friend. And if she offers to buy you one, kindly decline, or suggest that you might let her buy you one next time you see each other, if she lets you take her out some time. Of course though if she does agree to a date, you still won’t let her buy you a drink. You’re a man, look after your lady.

So, keeping these tips in mind, there really should be no reason you won’t see some success. Women love confidence (not cockiness), and if you just be yourself and a genuinely nice guy, you’re going to be ahead of probably 90% of the rest of the guys at the bar, or club, or wherever you choose to work your magic.

Here are some great Pick Up Lines, some slightly cheesy (good to get a laugh from her if you do it right), that have been collected from a range of sources and have seen success:

1. The Perfect Gentleman.
The Perfect Gentleman
Approach a woman, ask her how she’s doing and what her name is, then introduce yourself as “The Perfect Gentleman” and ask if you can buy her a drink. Then you might want to say something like, “Oh some people also call me (insert name here).” The rest is up to you! Start some small talk and see if there’s any spark of interest. Watch for the signs she gives you, if you don’t think she seems too interested but you still are, tell her it was lovely to meet her and you hope to see her around later and if she’d like to talk more you’ll be hanging around such and such area (you might want to point over to where your friends are sitting etc.) If you notice her looking at you a few times and think maybe she might be a little interested, you might want to approach her again and just ask how her night is going and take it from there!

2. She’s making the other girls look bad.
Shes making the other girls look bad
Tap the woman on the shoulder and in all sincerity say, “Hey I just wanted to let you know that they might ask you to leave soon.” Pause for a second and let her respond but stay serious, then, with a hint of a smile starting to come through, you tell her it’s because she’s making all the other women look bad. Most women are constantly comparing themselves with every other woman around them, so saying this will make her feel good about herself.
You might, if it seems to be going well, want to take it even a little further and tell her that you’ve just been outside fighting with the security trying to get them to let her stay and they said she can only stay if she allows you to buy her a drink.

This one can be a little tricky to pull off, you need to have a lot of charm and some good acting skills wouldn’t hurt for the first part. You’d only want to attempt this though if you’re pretty sure it’ll work on her, you’ve maybe seen her looking at you, or you’ve made eye contact and she’s given you a smile or some kind of sign. You could even try, before approaching her, seeing if you can make eye contact a few times so she knows you’ve been looking at her and see how her reaction is, does she avoid looking at you? Does she turn in another direction? Does she give you a smile? Does she start playing with her hair and making a few extra flirty gestures than she was before she saw you? Read the signs!

3. “I have those exact shoes!”
I have those exact shoes
When you’ve spotted the girl you want to talk to, pick out something she’s wearing, the girlier the better. Say if she’s wearing some kind of neutral dress with bright heels, go the heels. Or if she has a really unique handbag, go for that. You get the idea. Approach her with a smile and enthusiastically tell her you have the exact same shoes! Or bag, skirt, whatever it may be. It’s a good way to break the ice and hopefully make her laugh, it also tells her that you’ve noticed something about her attire, which is why it works if it’s something a bit more detailed or some kind of statement piece she’s wearing.

4. “Have we met?”
Have we met
It’s simple, but surprisingly effective. She’s pretty sure you’re joking, but if you’re good, you might even be able to get her to slightly question if perhaps you have and she’s forgotten you, but you’ve remembered her. This makes her feel special. Of course you don’t lie and keep it going, you follow it up with just enough of a smirk that she then realizes what you’re up to and hopefully realizes that you might be a bit of fun if she gives you a chance.

5. “Someone said you were looking for me?”
Someone said you were looking for me
Execution is key. You don’t want to come off as being creepy. With this you’re aiming for charming with just a hint of cockiness, but don’t go overboard and make it sound like you’re God’s gift to her. Play it similar to the “Have we met?” This one is a little riskier and leaves you a little more vulnerable, but deliver it right and use it on the right girl (one that doesn’t look too serious), and it could be a winner.

6. “Hi, you’re really pretty.”
Hi you’re really pretty
They say flattery will get you nowhere. Wrong. Flattery will get you everywhere. If it’s done right. This line is brave, you’re showing all your cards and complimenting her. Pretty is just the right word too. Sexy can be too sleazy, call her beautiful and she might feel like it’s a bit of an exaggeration. Girls love to be complimented, especially if they’ve spent hours in the mirror trying to look good. So man up, look her in the eye and go for it. Even better if you’re a little coy or shy about it, like you’ve had to work up the courage and you’re putting yourself out there, but you’ve gone for it cause you thought she was worth the risk.

7. “Drink until I’m good looking”
Drink until I’m good looking
If you’ve got a little extra cash to splash and you’ve found a woman that you really think is worth getting to know more, you’re pretty sure she’d give you some time and you’re almost certain she’s single (some form of recon mission might have to first take place), this is a fun one to try. Approach your target, you may choose to introduce yourself first, or just simply ask if she’d mind doing you a favor. If she says yes, hand her a $50 bill (or whatever you choose) and ask her if she could please drink until she thinks you’re really good looking and then come and talk to you. Girls love this because, well, who wouldn’t like to be given money? They love to be spoiled and given gifts, but this one kind of comes with a catch, that they come and talk to you. It’s also great for really attractive guys cause it makes you sound modest and sweet, or for the less attractive guys, it shows you have a sense of humor and don’t mind spoiling her, chicks dig that. If you’re lucky, you might get a sassy girl that tells you you’re already good looking enough to talk to and you can drink together!

8. The Ice Breaker
The Ice Breaker
This one’s a classic. There’s a chance she’s heard it before, but it’s still always good for a laugh and will still break the ice. And if she hasn’t heard it before, you should get a laugh. Go up to the woman and ask her if she knows how much a polar bear weighs. She may take a few minutes to think about it or just say no straight away. Then you simply come back with, “well it’s enough to break the ice.” Hopefully you get a giggle and can then introduce yourself and start some small talk.

9. Boyfriend Material
Boyfriend Material
Another classic. This line is funny, and whether she’s heard it before or not, it’s still always good for a laugh. Walk up to your cute gal and, in all seriousness, grab your shirt and ask her, “Excuse me, do you know what material this is? …Boyfriend material”. If she hasn’t heard it before, she’ll be confused about the original question and laugh when you give her the answer, or if she has heard it and you’ve been very smooth and charming, you can laugh it off and apologize for the cheesy line but tell her you just wanted an excuse to talk to her!

10. “If I kiss you, will I get slapped?”
If I kiss you will I get slapped
This one is just for fun. It’s really only for the most confident of men. And probably most drunk. You might want to use it after you’ve already started talking or if you think she looks like the kind of girl who can take a joke and have some fun. I’m not saying it’s guaranteed results, but I have heard of it working. You simply say “Hey, if I kiss you, will I get slapped?” It’s quite confronting, yet funny, and even if she says yes, she still might give you a chance because she thinks you’re funny, so it’s a pretty fun (and shocking) ice breaker. You can have a laugh and make some introductions or say something like, “Oh okay, I was just checking. Could you spare a few minutes for me to hit on you?” And you never know, she might let you know later on that if you tried, you wouldn’t get slapped.